Farder Coram van Texel[1] was an important member of the gyptians. He took the role of second-in-command or adviser for the Gyptian King John Faa. His dæmon, Sophonax, was a larger than average, 'autumn-coloured' cat.


Relationship with Serafina PekkalaEdit

In the 1950s, Coram saved Serafina Pekkala from drowning in a lake. The witch was being attacked by a large red bird, which Coram shot before he realised it was another witch's dæmon. Serafina told him he could call on her any time he needed her.[2] This bond was reinforced later in Coram's life when he was shot by a Skraeling and Pekkala healed him.[2] The two later had a son, however the young boy fell victim to an epidemic and died.[3]

Visiting the University of UppsalaEdit


Coram in Uppsala hiding from Gerard

Coram visited the University of Uppsala once to pass on a message from Martin Lanselius and the consul of the witches to Gunnar Hallgrimsson and Axel Löfgren. There, they talked to him about the alethiometer.

When going back to his boarding house, Coram encountered Gerard Bonneville and his hyena-dæmon. He new that they had been following him from Novgorod and so he hid in an alley, letting them come in to follow him. Despite getting shot across the scalp by a gas pistol, Coram and Sophonax sprung at the two. Coram used his stick of lignum vitae to fight them bothoff, cracking it as hard as he could against one of the dæmon's legs to stop her from biting on Sophonax and killing them both.[1]

La Belle SauvageEdit

Coram was tasked with bringing Malcolm Polstead's canoe, La Belle sauvage, back to The Trout Inn by Lord Asriel. He showed Malcolm the newly decorated boat and showed him how to use the coal-silk tarpaulin. Coram also warned Malcolm about both the huge flood that would happen shortly after their meeting and also to stay away from Bonneville.[4]

Rescue mission to BolvangarEdit

Coram accompanied Lyra Silvertongue, John Faa, Iorek Byrnison, Lee Scoresby and 170 gyptians to Bolvangar, where they rescued the children who had been kidnapped by the General Oblation Board. During the journey, Farder Coram taught Lyra to read the alethiometer.


"Ten years after this evening, and again ten years after that, Lyra would marvel at the colouring of that dæmon's fur."
—Description of Sophonax[src]

Coram's dæmon was a large autumn-coloured queen cat named Sophonax, affectionately referred by him as Sophie.

Personality and appearanceEdit

Sophonax exhibited a courage akin to that of her human, for example being ready to fight when Coram first met Gerard Bonneville. She aided Coram in catching the spy-fly that was sent by Marisa Coulter to find Lyra prior to their journey to the North.


At first meeting, Lyra was amazed by the colour of Sophonax's fur, which varied from golden brown to the colour of autumn leaves. She was very large and strong for a cat, despite Coram's frailty.

Behind the scenesEdit


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