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Welcome to the His Dark Materials Wiki Retiring Room Forum. This forum is for discussion of the HDM Wiki and its policies and guidelines, and other issues relating to the wiki itself. This forum is not, however, for discussion of individual articles; these concerns should go on the articles' talk pages.

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Just created an Age template17:55, February 4, 2019NightSpeakers
TV Series "Posters"15:08, January 3, 2019Musical33
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Bolding of human and dæmon14:46, December 26, 2018Musical33
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Pages with limited info20:01, December 18, 2018NightSpeakers
Dates12:39, November 10, 2018NightRaiders
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User Identity Groups07:22, October 14, 2018NightSpeakers
Globetrotter map of the polar regions13:35, October 10, 2018Musical33
DYK (Did You Know) Template20:28, September 22, 2018Musical33
Dæmon articles18:34, September 4, 2018NightSpeakers
New Standard Layout15:58, September 4, 2018Musical33
England vs Brytain06:50, September 1, 2018NightSpeakers
The Collectors ebook20:16, August 28, 2018NightSpeakers
Category Sorting14:07, August 2, 2018Musical33
Alethiometer Symbols13:06, August 2, 2018Musical33
Discussions14:09, July 22, 2018Musical33
Admin discussions13:36, July 11, 2018Musical33
New admin(s) needed14:20, July 22, 2017Evilquoll
Do we need more admins?14:12, July 22, 2017Evilquoll
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