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This is a skeleton policy, covering the bare minimum. It will be expanded later. (15:19, August 31, 2012 (UTC))

  • We strongly recommend that all users use the source editor; it is less buggy than the visual editor, and less liable to lead to mistakes such as an image or infobox being inserted into the middle of a word. One can set one's profile preferences to use the source editor by default. Regardless of this setting if used, one can always switch to the visual editor.
  • Do not prepare your edits in an external WYSIWYG (visual) HTML editor, such as Microsoft Word, unless you are willing to manually remove all the unnecessary markup (such as pointless font changes) which such editors tend to introduce. Other Wikia editors are far more likely to revert your edits than to do the clean-up job for you, especially if it would be a massive one. For an extreme example of why use of external visual editors is a bad idea (Microsoft Word in this instance), see the page history for the Dæmon article for July 23, 2012 (over 160,000 characters added, later trimmed but still over 130,000 after the trim, in order to add a table which wasn't much longer than the existing one; the admin who rolled-back these edits had to do so, as the modified page was so excessively large that it crashed his browser).
  • Category tags are not votes; all they do is to add the page to the category. Do not add a category tag to a page more than once, as there is no point; the second and subsequent tags will merely be ignored.
  • Articles on this wiki must be in English (and posts outside the User namespaces must use British grammar and spelling) . If you want to write a His Dark Materials page in another language, you will need to take it elsewhere (perhaps by founding a new wiki); there are already HDM wikis in Italian, in Brazilian Portuguese, in Russian, and in French.