Lee Scoresby was a Texan aëronaut. His dæmon was an arctic hare whose name was Hester.



During the October of 1961, Lee Scoresby won a balloon and half a copy of The Elements of Aerial Navigation in a poker game in Texas.[3]

On 14 April 1962, Scoresby arrived in Novy Odense in search of work. There he met Iorek Byrnison the Panserbjørn for the first time, and together they helped Captain H. van Breda to escape with his cargo. In return for his aid, van Breda gave Scoresby his Winchester rifle.[3]

Fight against the General Oblation BoardEdit

Lee lyra

Lee's and Lyra Silvertongue's first meeting at the depot of Trollesund

Scoresby met Lyra Silvertongue and the Gyptians at Trollesund and pledged his support to John Faa in his mission to rescue the kidnapped children from Bolvangar.

In the battle at Bolvangar, Lee rescued Iorek, Lyra and Roger Parslow and with the aid of witches, they escaped in his balloon. During this journey, Lee spoke with Serafina Pekkala about the impending war. He promised his loyalty to Lyra. The balloon was attacked by cliff-ghasts, Lyra fell out and Iorek and Roger went to rescue her.

Lee's missionEdit

When Lord Asriel tore open the path to another world, Lee and the witches were buffeted by winds and swept far away. They managed to regroup and a witch's council was held, which Lee was given the privilege of attending. Lee informed the witches he had heard of an object which can protect the bearer and that Stanislaus Grumman knew of its whereabouts. Lee set off to find him.

On his mission, he was forced to kill a servant of the Church, a Skraeling. He took his ring, which could command some power and authority.

Lee and Hester found Grumman, learning that he was in fact John Parry, the father of Will Parry. John had become a shaman, claiming he drew Lee to him with Lee's mother's ring. The two set off together to find the bearer of the Subtle Knife.



Lee and John Parry in Lee's Balloon

Using the Church's ring, the pair recovered Lee's balloon. However, as the pair made their escape they were pursued and Lee lost his balloon. As Grumman escaped, Lee held the pass, killing all of the enemies, but getting hit himself. Before dying, Scoresby called out for Serafina Pekkala with the flower she gave him, but she arrived too late to save him.


Serafina placed a spell over Scoresby's body to prevent it being desecrated by carrion beasts. Several days later, Iorek came across Lee's body and in a final act of respect for his friend, the bear thanked him before devouring his body, giving him the strength to save Lyra, which was Lee's greatest wish.

Lyra and Will found Lee in the land of the dead and he returned to fight the Spectres before his particles scattered and he became one with everything.

Personality and traitsEdit

Lee was non-violent and had consistent ethics.


Lee was a skilled aëronaut and a sharp shooter.

Dæmon Edit

Lee's dæmon was a female arctic hare (summer phase) named Hester.

Appearance and personality Edit

Hester's fur was grey-brown and her eyes were gold-hazel flecked with peat-brown and forest-green. Her hearing was excellent, and this saved Lee's life on more than one occasion. Likewise, she was sure-footed, and, when climbing, Lee followed her steps. Like Lee, Hester was witty and dry, and did not often show her emotions, for example her crying and blaming herself left Lee shocked after their shooting at the gulch where they later died. In life, Hester often showed a gritty courage, for example on Novy Odense when fighting Pierre McConville, Hester dragged the assassin's dæmon away from him, putting herself at great personal risk so that Lee could make a clear shot.

Forms Edit

During childhood and when re-enacting the Battle of the Alamo with friends, Hester would change between a variety of iconically American forms; a cougar, a wolf, sometimes a rattlesnake, but most often a mockingbird.


Lee Scoresby's name has two sources. His first name comes from the actor Lee Van Cleef, who looks just like the character. His surname comes from the Arctic explorer William Scoresby.[4]

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