Lena Feldt was a witch. Her dæmon had the form of an arctic tern. She died after being attacked by Spectres set upon her by Marisa Coulter.


Lena Feldt was among the witches who saved the children from Bolvangar with Serafina Pekkala.[1]

Later, Lena was sent to spy on Marisa Coulter. She made herself invisible, and witnessed Coulter murder Carlo Boreal. Coulter was able to see the witch despite her spell, and tortured her by using the Spectres which she controlled to attack Feldt's dæmon. Under the torture, Lena revealed information about the whereabouts of Lyra Silvertongue and how she was protected, and told her that Lyra would be the new Eve. Lena herself was then attacked by the Spectres.[1]

Abilities and skillsEdit

  • Invisibility: Lena was able to make herself invisible using witch magic. It took her ten minutes to complete the spell.[1]



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