This article is about the town of Novy Odense. You may be looking for the island of the same name.

Novy Odense was a town on the island of the same name belonging to Muscovy. It was here that Lee Scoresby first met Iorek Byrnison, and also where Lee killed Pierre McConville. The houses here were mostly made of wood which was imported.


Novy Odense exported fish-oil, seal-oil and rock-oil, as well as preserved fish, skins and furs.[1]


The buildings in the town were mostly made of imported wood. The roads were pitted with potholes and the town smelt of its industrial products. There were several stone buildings, including the Oratory of St Petronius, the town hall and the bank. There were several oil refineries, a tannery and a fish-pickling factory.[2]