"He is poison. Pure poison."
H van Breda on Oskar Sigurdsson[src]

Oskar Sigurdsson was a poet and journalist who lived in Novy Odense. His dæmon had the form of a butterfly.[1]


On the 14 April 1962, Sigurdsson met Lee Scoresby in a bar. The two discussed the politics of the island, including Ivan Poliakov's policy on the panserbjørne. In the evening, they met once again at the political rally at the Novy Odense town hall. He introduced Scoresby to Olga Poliakova and her father, Poliakov, who offered Scoresby a job.[1]

On the 15 April 1962, after Lee Scoresby and Iorek Byrnison helped Captain H van Breda to escape the island, Sigurdsson asked the former for an interview. Scoresby's response was to kick Sigurdsson off the jetty.[1] Sigurdsson later wrote an article on the events of 15 April which was biased and filled with errors.[2]

Physical appearanceEdit

Sigurdsson was a thin, hungry-looking man.[1]