Roger Parslow was a kitchen boy at Jordan College and childhood best friend of Lyra Silvertongue. After his rescue from the General Oblation Board at Bolvangar, Roger was killed by the intercision process used by Lord Asriel to open the Svalbard window to Cittàgazze.


Life at Jordan CollegeEdit

Roger and Lyra on the roof of Jordan College

Roger and Lyra play on the roof of Jordan College.

Roger Parslow worked as a kitchen boy at Jordan College, where he became best friends with Lyra Silvertongue (then Belacqua). The two children would play together, exploring the college from the rooftops to the crypts.[1] It was during this time that the then 12-year-old Roger was kidnapped by the General Oblation Board and taken to Bolvangar.[3]

The NorthEdit

Some time later, he was rescued from the experimental station by Lyra Silvertongue in the North. The children travelled to Svalbard to meet Lord Asriel. In the night, Asriel took Roger and harnessed the energy released during the intercision of Roger and his dæmon Salcilia, using it to create a window between Lyra's world and Cittàgazze. Roger was killed by the process.


Roger's ghost went to the land of the dead. After Will Parry created a window between the land of the dead and the world of the Mulefa, Roger was the first ghost to enter it and become one with the cosmos.

Dæmon Edit

Roger's dæmon was female and named Salcilia. At the time of his death, she had not settled.

Personality Edit

Like Pantalaimon, Salcilia was conscientious and cautious, as well as easily frightened, for example when Lyra and Roger switched coins around in the crypts of Jordan College she was near inconsolable with terror.

Forms Edit

Salcilia never reached the age at which she would have settled. She usually took the form of a terrier but was also seen as a fly, a moth, a sparrow, a mouse, a cat, a ferret or a butterfly.

Death Edit

At their capture on Svalbard, Asriel harnessed the energy released by severing Roger and Salcilia, leading to their mutual death.

Behind the scenesEdit