"...she had killed the tigers herself in order to punish the Tartar tribe who worshipped them, because the tribesmen had failed to do her honour when she had visited their territory. Without their tiger-gods the tribe declined into fear and melancholy, and begged her to allow them to worship her instead, only to be rejected with contempt; for what good would their worship do her, she asked? It had done nothing for the tigers. Such was Ruta Skadi: beautiful, proud and pitiless."
—A tale of Ruta Skadi[src]

Queen Ruta Skadi was the queen of the Lake Lubana clan of witches.[2] She had taken Lord Asriel as a lover in the past. Her dæmon was a bluethroat named Sergi.


Following the creation of a bridge between her world and another by Lord Asriel, Ruta Skadi attended a witch-gathering at Lake Enara led by its clan queen Serafina Pekkala. During the meeting, she presented her beliefs that the witches should fight the Holy Church in the upcoming war. She reminded them of the Church's role in Intercision at Bolvangar, but also told of tales of circumcision in churches of southern lands. She expressed her desire to join their clans together and travel north into the new world in search of Lyra Silvertongue, the child from the witch prophecy. She also expressed that they should join Lord Asriel's forces, because he despises the Church as well.[3]

In the end, it was decided that a group of witches would accompany Serafina into the new world. Ruta Skadi decided to seek out Lord Asriel, so she accompanied Serafina and her companions on the first part of their journey. She left, first to see Lord Asriel's empire he was building, then to rally witches to help him. She brought news of a mysterious weapon which turned out to be the Subtle Knife after overhearing tell of it from cliff-ghasts.

Physical descriptionEdit

Ruta Skadi was beyond lovely. She was vivid and passionate, with large black eyes. She had black curly hair, and wore ornate jewelry.[3]


Her dæmon was a bluethroat named Sergi.[1]



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