This article is about the idea of things underwater. You may be looking for the book The Secret Commonwealth, volume two of The Book of Dust trilogy.
Giorgio Brabandt: "The way to think about the secret commonwealth is with stories. Only stories'll do."
Lyra Silvertongue: "Is the secret commonwealth only in Brytain, or all over the world?"
Giorgio Brabandt: "Oh, it's all over the world, naturally. But I spect there's other names for it in other places."
Giorgio Brabandt talking about the secret commonwealth with Lyra Silvertongue[src]

The secret commonwealth was a phenomenon that could be found underwater. It appeared during the flood of 1986 and was noticed by Thomas Nugent, whose gyptian companions said that the flood and its effects were part of the secret commonwealth.[1] Giorgio Brabandt shared this idea with Lyra Silvertongue.[2]



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