Queen Serafina Pekkala was the queen of the Lake Enara clan of witches. Her dæmon, Kaisa, had the form of a snow goose.[3]


Serafina was born around the end of the 17th century to the Lake Enara clan queen.[4]

Relationship with Farder CoramEdit

In the 1950s,[citation needed] Serafina Pekkala fell into a swamp and was about to drown after being attacked by a large red bird. Farder Coram pulled Serafina into his boat and shot the bird, which he then realised was another witch's dæmon. Serafina told him that any time he needed help, he could call on her.[citation needed]

Serafina and Farder Coram fell in love and the couple had a son. Serafina acknowledged that she would have gladly given up her witch ways to be a proper gyptian wife to Coram, but she was a witch and it just wasn't possible. Their young son fell victim to an epidemic and died.[4]

Reign as QueenEdit

Not long after the death of her son, Serafina's mother died and she became Queen of the Lake Enara clan. When Farder Coram was hit by a Skraeling's envenomed arrow, Serafina sent herbs and spells to help him recover but did not feel able to face him in person. Her duty as queen, with the threat of witch-wars and instability to her clan, kept her from regaining contact with him.[4]


Serafina had long blonde hair and green eyes,[2] and was described by Farder Coram as "thinner than some, prettier than most." She wore a crown of red flowers when acting as queen to her tribe.[1]

Dæmon Edit

Serafina's dæmon took the form of a large male snow goose named Kaisa.

Background Edit

Like all witches and their dæmons, Kaisa and Serafina underwent a ritual process that allowed them to separate over long distances.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Kaisa often acted as a scout and envoy for Serafina, for example travelling to meet the gyptians at their arrival at Trollesund. Lyra was at first horrified and perplexed by his appearance as he was without his human. He showed himself to be wise and kind, much like his human, in aiding the gyptians on their quest and later using magic to help Lyra break in to the dæmon-cage and release the severed dæmons. He showed unwavering compassion as he guided the severed dæmons away from Bolvangar.

Kaisa was large and grey, with a crown of white feathers at the top of his head, and sky-blue eyes ringed with gold.

Behind the scenesEdit


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