The Authority was the first angel. He declared himself a deity and was worshipped as the creator in many worlds. He was betrayed and imprisoned by his Regent Metatron, and died in the battle for the Republic of Heaven.


Early agesEdit

The Authority was the first angel to condense out of Dust. He declared to the angels who formed after him that he was their creator and formed them out of dust. However, Xaphania discovered his secret and for this, The Authority exiled her.

In the early ages, the Authority established the world of the dead, a prison camp for the ghosts of those who die.[1]

Later agesEdit

As the Authority became older, he gathered more and more clouds around his Chariot, and delegated more power to Metatron, his regent. However, Metatron, who grew too powerful, betrayed the Authority, and trapped him in a crystal box which kept him alive.


During the battle for the Republic of Heaven, Will Parry freed the Authority from his crystal prison with Æsahættr. He died after being harassed by cliff-ghasts.


The Authority was extremely aged, fragile, and naïve - a far cry from the powerful, perfect, infallible deity he tried to pass himself off as.


Notes and referencesEdit

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