Tony Makarios was a young mixed-heritage boy from Limehouse, London. His dæmon was called Ratter and they lived on Clarice Walk.


Tony's mother was an alcoholic who allowed him to wander the streets on his own. One day, after stealing some food from the market, he was abducted by Marisa Coulter and taken to Bolvangar, where he underwent the process of intercision.[1]

At Bolvangar, Tony became friends with a girl named Bridget McGinn. They were in the laundry room together when a nurse came and told Tony it was time for him to have an operation.[2] Tony became a victim of intercision. Separated from his dæmon, he wandered to a village and stayed there in the fish house, holding a piece of dried fish as though it were Ratter.[3]

Lyra Belacqua found Tony and took him back to the gyptians. Tony couldn't calm himself without Ratter, though, and died the following morning. After Tony's death, the gyptians constructed a funeral pyre to cremate him. Lyra carved the name of his dæmon into a coin, then placed it into the boy's mouth like she had seen with the academics at Jordan College.[3]


Tony's dæmon was called Ratter.


As Tony often had to fend for himself, Ratter would act as a lookout when the two were stealing food from the market. It was Ratter who first became enchanted by Marisa Coulter's dæmon and the promise of chocolatl, leading to their subsequent abduction to Bolvangar. While there, they underwent intercision and Ratter presumably died shortly afterwards, as when Lyra Silvertongue liberated the caged severed dæmons, Ratter was not amongst them.


Much like her human, Ratter was slow-witted and therefore not particularly extravagant with her forms, mostly being a mouse (for example whilst eating) and a sparrow (in curiosity).

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