Victoria Lund was a young lady whose dæmon had the form of a swallow. She worked as a librarian in Novy Odense.


Soon after qualifying as a librarian, Lund went to Novy Odense to begin work as a librarian in the public library in Aland Square.[1]

On the 14 April 1962, Lieutenant Haugland proposed to Lund. Believing that marrying her might bring dishonour to Haugland, she was unsure as to whether to accept his proposal, until Lee Scoresby unwittingly convinced her to do so.[1]

The morning of the 15 April, Lund accepted Haugland's proposal. She helped Lee Scoresby to escape from Larsen Manganese, packing his bags for him.[1]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lund was tall and bony and kept her fair hair in a tight bun.[1]


"A frosty character, our Miss Lund. She expects high standards of conversation."
—Photographer from Oslo[src]

Considered by some to be frosty due to her quiet nature, Lund opened up to those she felt she could trust, such as Lee Scoresby, whom she described as a gentleman.[1]