The world of Cittàgazze was one of many parallel universes. Cittàgazze and Sant'Elia were two of the towns in this world.[1] It was known as the crossroads between worlds because all windows between worlds led to this world, which is because this world is where the subtle knife was created. However, Lord Asriel's disturbance to the magnetic poles allowed other worlds to open into other worlds without going through this world.[2]

The world appeared to be quite modern; electric lights and fridges were used. Spectres were common in this world for several generations, however their number was greatly multiplied after Lord Asriel created a huge window through his world into that of Cittàgazze.[1]

In this world, every party of travellers must include a man and a woman on horseback in case the group is attacked by Spectres.[3]

If the subtle knife hadn't been made, the world would have been a place of prosperity and peace, with beautiful seas and temperate weather.[4]

Joachim Lorenz mentioned to Serafina Pekkala four nations in the Cittàgazze world which included Eireland, Brasil, parallel to High Brasil of Lyra's world, Corea parallel to the Corea of Lyra’s world and Benin.[5]



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