Yelena Pazhets was a witch from a clan which opposed Lord Asriel. She died while attempting to kill Lyra Silvertongue.


Early lifeEdit

Pazhets grew up in the North. As she reached adolescence, her dæmon, Ragi, took the form of a bird.


Pazhets fell in love with Sebastian Makepeace and together they had a son. Pazhets raised the boy in the North until the age when he had to leave the witches.


Pazhets took part in the war of the Republic of Heaven, fighting against Lord Asriel and his forces. During the battle, she shot her own son who was fighting for her enemies. Grief-stricken, she sought revenge against Lyra Silvertongue, believing her to be the cause of the war, and Makepeace, for raising her son in such a way that he would fight for Lord Asriel.


Pazhets planned her revenge against Silvertongue and Makepeace, plotting to murder the girl and frame her ex-lover for the crime. However, she did not succeed in this endeavour, as she was attacked by a swan which protected Lyra, and died of a broken back as a result of the fall.[1]